This is the place, where you can create, test and send your newsletters to all of your subscribers.


  • New Mailing
    Creates a new newsletter, where you can setup name, subject and body of the emails. Every mailing has automatically uses all the recipients from the current project.
  • Duplicate Mailing
    If you want to send the same newsletter again, or if you want to use it as a template, select source mailing in the table and click this button.
  • Delete Mailing
    Select the mailing row in the table and click delete mailing button to delete it forever and remove from the list.
  • Edit
    Opens editor for currently selected mailing
  • Send test
    Use this before sending bulk emails, to check that the email looks OK in your inbox.
  • Send this mailing
    This is the big red button which sends the selected mailing to all recipients. Don’t worry, summary will be shown and ask for confirmation.


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