On this tab you should setup your outgoing email servers and methods.


  • Outgoing mail type
    Please select which method you want to use for sending emails.
    Posible choices:

    1. Pickup
      Select this choice, if you have local MS SMTP server working. In this case all the emails you want to send will be just generated and save to the specified pickup directory.
      MS SMTP will then pickup and send all the emails saved in this directory and deletes it.
      For this method please check if your local SMTP server is working.
    2. SMTP
      Use this method if you have SMTP server adress or adresses you want to use. Please be carefull about sending limits from your provider. See also Using freemails.
  • Local pickup Directory
    Specify a directory where all the emails will be exported. This will work only if your SMTP server is up and running.
  • SMTP Servers
    This field shows you currently configured SMTP servers for sending. To change configuration, please click the button “Configure SMTP”


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