Here you should configure your email account, so Heavymailer will be able to download received emails, check for bounced emails, new subscribers and unsubscribers.


  • Server Type
    Please choose incoming server type. Currently only POP3 is accessible. We’re working on IMAP support for next version.
  • Server Address
    Please fill in your incoming server adress
  • Port
    Port of your server. POP3 default port is 110.
  • Username
    Username which you are using to access specified email on general tab.
  • Password
    Password for specified username.
  • Use SSL
    Should heavymailer use SSL secure connection when checking emails? Remeber: your mail provider has to support SSL if you want to use it.
  • Leave copy on the server
    Heavymailer is smart enough, to recognize bounced emails, subscription and unsubscription requests.
    Check the checkbox if you want all email remain untouch in your account.
    Uncheck the checkbox, if you want heavymailer to delete all recognized and processed emails.


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