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Now, it’s possible to buy license for HeavyMailer 1.0.

To celebrate that, the first 100 customers will get a full unlimited mailer license with $200 discount. And not only that, the license will be valid life time.

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Heavymailer 1.0 is free to download

Go to free download to get latest version.

Main news in HeavyMailer 1.0

  • 64 bit operating system supported
  • No more need to install SQL server prior to application
  • Pickup sending is now working OK
  • Multithreading SMTP sending (only in paid version)
  • Other bugfixes and tweaks (more…)
Changelog for heavymailer 0.5

If you download last heavymailer 0.5, you’ll notice that there are some changes and fixes.

  • New field test email in project settings
  • New field subscribe subject in project settings
  • New field unsubscribe in project settings
  • bug when opening a sending form for the second time fixed
  • Sending progress is now shown correctly (more…)
Free mass mailer download available!

After months of hard work, we’re proud to announce, that our mass mailer software is finally available for free download!

The free version is not time limited, it’s not even limited by count of emails sent. The only limitation is, that you can have 500 subscribers in your list in a single moment.
So you can start for free, just download the mass mailer for free, unzip it somewhere on your computer, and run it.

In the software there are many features, which will make your email sending a lot easier. (more…)

Heavy mailer 0.3 screenshots

We’re still working, but now, you can take a brief look on what we are cooking for you.

This is how the mailer software main window looks like. (more…)